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Really liked the mushrooms, veggies are good as usual, Will be ordering often.


Thanks for the lovely ponnanganni and sambar onion, cucumber sambar in particular. Rest are good too.


Brig Balachandran,
Velachery, Chennai

Today I received coriander … It was very very fresh. Thank you

Kirti Bayview,


Received the product from Gratitudefarms. Good quality as usual, thank you

Sangeetha Padmanabhan, Chennai

Thank you so much, lovely mangoes, lovely packing, and lovely walnut brownie.. All done with love.

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Padmalatha Suresh, Chennai

The sentura mangoes were really good. 

Anusha, Chennai

Mango Senthura_edited.jpg

Yesterday received the vegitable weekly combo pack the quality was more than what I was expeccted. The combo is really "value for money" thank you for the fantastic services.  

Sunitha, Chennai

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I just wanted to thank you for your latest offer - your combo pack for 499/- it is just what single persons like me need - a bit of everything which one needs for a week. I hope you continue this. You can alter the rate according to the prevailing rates but keep the mix of vegetables. Congratulations

Rita, Chennai

I bought two so that I can use one and give one to my parents. But I am keeping both here and using it. It’s lovely. Pure mango pulp. It’s sweet n sour. Am liking it.

Altaf BNI, Chennai


Feedback on the paneer.. Its fantastic! I have not tasted such good paneer for a long time! And the pesto sauce is also very good. 

Alorika Hiranandani apartment, Chennai

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-12 at 1.44_edited.jpg

All fruits and Vegetable and drinks etc received very well.. Thank you very much for the same and a very good experience. 

Amla Bose, Chennai

Aam Panna (1)_edited.png

I am very satisfied with the quality of the vegetables and thank you so much for delivering in these trouble times and that too in such an aesthetic manner in that beautiful cloth bags.  

Shanthi Oceanic, Chennai

The salad dressing for the paneer is delicious! Everyone at the table made a sound enjoyment when they tasted it. Please keep it consistent and don't change it. Also the brownie is first class and high end quality... I ate at the best restaurants and bakeries in Los Angeles US.. So I know. I am here for self inquiry but a little enjoyment is harmless. 

Mr. Thomas, Chennai

Grilled Paneer Salad_edited.jpg

Am really happy with these weekly baskets, one gets to eat some vegetables that one otherwise would not buy. They taste good, my elder father and teenage children relish every morsel. So thank you.

Divya Goswami, Chennai

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