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Farmland Development Service

Every acre of land which is converted into organic farm is a service to Mother Earth.

Gratitude farms invites you to transform your land into an organic food forest. Farmland Development Service, aims at developing a high yielding Food Forest Model with highly focused and disciplined operations. It comes with scientific and standardized land preparation for organic farming, nursery management and plant life cycle management. With Food-Forest Model, Gratitude Farms offer full, focused and expert service which converts unused land into an organic farmland in as little as six months.  Typically the food forest model enables the growth of 10 – 15 types of Vegetables, Fruits and Greens and has a potential to yield 10 – 12 tons per year per acre.  Through this effort, we are contributing to livelihood of ex-soldiers, local rural women and youth and training them to be organic farming practitioners.

The Food-Forest Model amplifies the 3P approach to agri-business:


The Food-Forest Model amplifies the 3P approach to agri-business:



  • Livelihood of ex-soldiers and rural women

  • Staggered plantation calendar to ensure round-the year harvesting and economic benefits



  • Regenerative farming with over 100+ fruit trees, 10,000 vegetable plants in 3 seasons in every acre

  • Low Food Miles

  • Water-conservation techniques : low-cost rainwater harvesting, drip and rain hose systems, IoT based controls for irrigation

  • Re-using biomass as compost

  • Prevention of food-loss through solar drying of VFG


Profits (sustainable income):

  • High replicability across agro-climatic regions globally 



Design : High Density, High Yielding Organic Farming Model

Multi-Cropping Model optimized for 5 acres of Farmland

Staggered Planting schedule to ensure steady supply of vegetables, fruits and greens round-the-year.

Automated fertigation and drip system for water management

Standard and high quality organic nutrients or pest repellants

Disciplined operations with an Ex-Soldier as Farm Manager

Continuous training and monitoring for quality.



A sustainable farming model that integrates the growth of plants and fishes in a recirculating system. With this futuristic technique, we aim for premium quality produce along with innumerable  environmental and cost benefits. We keep on bringing in innovations in different aquaponics models, elevating efficiency standards step by step. We train and  motivate people to practice this highly profitable technique and transform themselves into sustainable farming entrepreneurs.

             The major benefits of Aquaponics are:

●   Over 90% saving of water, since the same water is recirculated 300 times before changing.

● Up to 4 - 6 times higher yield per sq.m of land used.

● Pure organic vegetables.

● Ease of setting up in any terrain, geography or season, since it is a soilless form of agriculture

Environmental benefits include:

● Less food miles (local food production) and zero carbon footprint

● No pollution or soil erosion

● Zero use of fertilizers - thereby reducing cost and


Increasing health benefits:

Our Low-Cost-Aquaponics model, addresses the prime need of food security for rural communities and in low income groups in urban areas. The system requires an area of merely 40 sq m, barely more than the size of car park in a home / office. In this small space, we can provide grow 1,400 kg of nutritious organic vegetables and upto 200 kg of fresh fish per year. This is adequate supply for nutritious vegetables and greens and fish for up to 3 - 4 families in the community for their entire lives. Well over 300 different varieties of vegetables, greens and fruits have been grown and tried out in aquaponics systems.


Urban Organic Farming

In 2020, as we witnessed the pandemic shake the very core of human society to its bare necessities, it was clear what is most essential to human wellbeing – our health, our connection to community and our environment. We at Gratitude Farms intend to make it possible for urban society to restore the lost connection our ancestors once had with the food they ate. This journey promises to deepen not only our relationship with food, but also with our health, with nature and with the essence of life itself – something that the city inadvertently stole from us and our children in its path to progress. We invite you to participate in Urban Sustainable Community Farming (USCF) initiative.

Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd aims to promote the concept of Locavore -  someone who is committed to eating food that is grown or produced within their local community or region. By taking Know your Food and Grow your Food movement forward, Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd encourages the urban communities to buy locally grown vegetables by supplying organic vegetables and other farm produces and at the same time tries to enhance their skills to grow their own food by organizing urban organic vegetable garden trainings and setting up urban vegetable gardens in their premises according to their needs and wish.

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Solar Drying

Solar dryers are a simple but high-impact technology solutions. When it comes to preventing or minimizing waste and providing sustainable livelihood, Solar Drying is an excellent alternative. Through this service, we at Gratitude Farms brings to you wide variety of solar dried vegetables, fruits, greens, herbs, immunity boosters etc. with a shelf life of more than a year. Using Solar dryers for drying purpose retains all the nutritional qualities of food, resulting in an efficient value addition. We started solar drying initially as a mechanism to reduce wastage of perishable organic vegetables. However, we realized that it can be a good source of income for rural women, as it is easy to operate and maintain.

Why Solar Dryers

Uniform Drying of Produce

Value Addition with Wastage Minimization

No Electricity Consumption

No Technical Expertise Required for Operation

Zero Carbon Footprint

Generates Employment for Rural Women

Product Highlights

Increases shelf life up to 1 year

Color, Taste, Aroma and Nutrients remain intact

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1. Webinars and workshops

On site Urban Organic Farming workshops for children and families.

i. Urban Organic Farming : Micro- Food Forest for urban communities

ii. Nursery Creation and Bio-inputs preparation : These are 3 day trainings. Can generate steady income on the sides of farming practices, or can be developed as stand-alone businesses.

2. Weekend Tours and experiential training in Gratitude Farms.

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Gratitude Farms Private Limited

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