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Do you have a family doctor? We believe yes you do! But if we ask do you have a family farmer? Now you can say yes because we are your family farmers. We deliver organic green veggies, ready to eat and ready to cook organic food at your home.  

Organic green veggies from harvest to home


Fresh veggies, fruits & Greens


Immunity Boosters

SD Veg.jpg

Solar Dried Vegetables

SD Fruits.jpg

Solar Dried Fruits

SD Herbs.jpg

Solar Dried Herbs & Leaves



SD Fruits.jpg

Gift Of Good Health

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Gratitude Farms Private Limited

353 / 354 Diwan Candappa Nagar, Periyamudaliyar Chavadi, Kottakuppam, Town Panchayath,

Pondicherry – 605104, India. 

+91 - 93609 03659

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