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Hony. Capt. Govind Raju, from  Air Defence Artillery, served in the Indian Army from 1976 to  2007. A person with Never-Say-Die spirit, he has been our Farm Manager for the main Gratitude Farms and adjoining farms for the last two years. Under his watch, achieving the desired results of Food forest, where we grow over 12 tonnes of vegetable in one acre, monitoring the complex process of aquaponics,  training the new members joining the farmland team etc are done. He has learnt and gained expertise in the techniques of Food Forest and is instrumental in ensuring the quality of the farm and the results of the Food forest model.

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Naik Raja from the  regiment,  6 FD Artillery has served in the Indian Army from 2002 to 2019. He is responsible for our projects for enriched vermicomposting and mushroom cultivation. A very resourceful,  and quick-to-learn person, with remarkable aptitude towards developing the enriched vermicompost, for which we take the raw material from the biomass waste of our food forest. He is currently working on a project for 100 tonnes capacity of  vermicompost per annum in our main Gratitude Farms

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Naik Raman from 288 Medium Regiment has served in the Indian Army from 2003 to  2020. He has been with us from December, 2020 and  is taking over our new projects in Aravind Eye Hospital and in Cuddalore

Naik Kulashekharan from 2MLI Regiment has served in the Indian Army from 2002 to 2019. He is responsible for our Chitamur Farm of 3 acres and about 450 mango trees. In addition he is going to take over our new projects in Cheyyur and Pooriyambakkam villages, which is around 60 kms from Pondicherry


Hony. Lt. Shankar from  12 ENGR Regiment has served in the Indian Army from 1988 to 2018. He has been instrumental in setting up of our Chennai team. He was one of the first, who set up the last mile delivery system when we set up our Chennai office. A man of all seasons , he is handling multiple tasks for our Chennai operations team

Naik Keshav Prasad from 61 FD  Regiment  has served in the Indian Army from 1993 to 2019. He is the Farm Supervisor for our Shadnagar Farm in Hyderabad, where he oversees the development of a state of the art , center of excellence and a training center in Shadnagar, a farm which is spread over 9 acres and is going to represent the best of our food forest model.

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Hav. Muniyappan from 201 ENGR Regiment has served in the Indian Army from 1998 to 2018 . He is a role model for a lot of people in his village as well as for the ex-soldiers’ community. He lost his leg while in service, was boarded out in 2018 and since 2020 , he has been instrumental in developing the solar drying business by deploying solar dryers and expanding the capacity in his village, Sengampoondi. On an average he helps us in solar drying of approximately 100 kg of products every month. A man of utmost dedication, he has become a role model for many others who are seeking to become entrepreneurs in their own village.

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