Everything about Organic Farming

Learn | Train | Develop | Grow

Organic farming is no more a choice.

Organic farming can be done from 1 sq ft space to any size of land. Whether you are living in a city, town or a village you can convert any piece of land into organic farm, organic kitchen garden or organic food forest. Time has come for you to invest in learning, training, developing and growing organic farming.


When student is ready teacher appears

  • Are you willing to learn about organic farming?

  • Do you want to grow your own vegetables and fruits in your community with urban organic farming methods?

  • Want to learn about solar drying process?

If yes then Gratitude farms invites you to join in this organic learning journey. 

Organic green veggies from harvest to home

Do you have a family doctor? We believe yes you do! But if we ask do you have a family farmer? Now you can say yes because we are your family farmers. We deliver organic green veggies, ready to eat and ready to cook organic food at your home.  

Green Veggies

Immunity Boosters

Corporate Gifts

Gift of Good Health


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Our immunity boosters organic turmeric powder and organic ginger powder products are made through solar drying process.


In this corona driven time Immunity boosters are life saviors. Share the gift of good health to you near and dear ones. Pre-Book bulk orders for Corporate gift packs.